Start Again!

This blog is being revived! What is planned? Mostly what people do on most blogs-write/show things that interests them.

My main goal is to be better exposed to things I probably should have been for a while now and share that journey. Down the line, I will be a bit more personal as well. But it’s safety first!

Now, what to expect!

I love cats! I have cats! Yeah, there will be cats.

I have been interested in politics since my mom did some volunteering for the George McGovern presidential campaign in 1972. There will be a fair amount about that. I will be doing a few various things with this, so stay tuned!

I am not as well read as I should be. Most people are not, either, but I am going to try and find some books to read that I probably should have read years ago.

I would like to be more well versed in different music styles and artists. To that end, I have a list of music styles and artists I want to either get to know for the first time or get to know better.

There are movies most people have seen that I have not. There are some movies I really don’t have any real interest in seeing even though most everyone has seen them (like Titanic) but there are movies (like a lot of classic movies and some popular movies) I would like to delve into.

Goal is simply to get a little better read, learn some new things, and share ideas and other things that I enjoy. Along the way, I am also going to try and become a better writer. Writing can be pretty tough at times. I think I am becoming a bit ADD in my old age, so who knows how long this stuff will take!