Thing of the Week

Is there anyone out there? We really need help.

Yeah, there is probably no one reading this, but I wanted to do this anyway. Since February, we have been on the verge of losing it all. For those months, we have gotten some help from family and donations, and we have barely stayed afloat. My husband has been looking for work for a year and a half and cannot get anything. Frankly I think ageism is playing a part here and who knows what else. He was laid off due to corporate stuff. I plan on doing gig work as I cannot stand walk and lift 40lbs for 8 hours like I used to due to arthritis. Gig work will let me do stuff without doing things like that.

I am at the end of my rope. We owe money for bills, rent (although we got a little help from a local charity), you name it. We are drowning and I am so tired of being of a state of anxiety for most hours of the day. If anyone reads this and have any help to give, I would be forever grateful.