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I might be homeless soon.

I apologize for not being a compelling writer, but we do need help.

In November of 2021, my husband was laid off his job of 30 years (great job, good pay). We got a much smaller than anticipated severance package (but got a cool statue thing for 30 years of service!). Instead of the two years of pay we always thought we would get, we got 2/3 of one year’s salary. We were able to live off of the severance for a time but then had to cash out the meager amount in the 401K. Those lasted until now. We were able to pay rent for this month (Feb 2023) but after that, we will be out of luck. We are not sure we can pay all of the bills this month.

There are physical restrictions that hamper the types of jobs I can personally get (looking, though!) and we also have two sons with varying disabilities who we’re helping get into independence. That is slow going now because we are not as stable financially.

We need some help to keep homelessness at bay and pay bills until we can find something around where we live or anywhere else. We’re not sure what we’re going to do otherwise. Anything is appreciated!

The thought of being homeless at 60 is scary. Hopefully we can get some good luck. Thanks for reading! Here is my GoFundMe