• Picture This

    Photographs are Time in a Bottle

    Between my grandparents, mother, and my own immediate family, I have a chest full of photos spanning decades. I have just started going through them. I am spending about 30-45 minutes per week going through them. Most of the photos were just sitting in s jumble. Some were sitting in really old photo albums. So, out of the albums they…

  • Y'all Ain't Right

    Y’all Ain’t Right!

    The world’s people come in all types. Some are stupid. Some are funny. Some are both. These are their stories. For a starter, here is a few weird ass stories! Flight crew restrains ‘God’ aboard Delta flight, returns to Puerto Rico Toddler’s cake says ‘Happy Birthday Loser’ after bakery mix-up Woman has uncontrollable orgasms triggered by potholes and escalators

  • Screen Time

    Screen Time

    I am going to watch stuff (TV, movies, specials, etc)I should have watched a long time ago that most everyone else has watched. I need to catch up! It’s really terrible that I have not seen movies such as ET and more in their entirety. I also may be watching some stuff by theme (like 90’s movies, old monster movies,…

  • Politics

    Political Plans

    Coming soon! I am working on a couple of things. First is a list of political books that I have read, plan on reading, or thinking of reading. I became aware of these books through reading articles and other arenas. The other thing I am working on is a link library of articles and web sites about various subjects and…

  • General Junk

    Start Again!

    This blog is being revived! What is planned? Mostly what people do on most blogs-write/show things that interests them. My main goal is to be better exposed to things I probably should have been for a while now and share that journey. Down the line, I will be a bit more personal as well. But it’s safety first! Now, what…

  • CATS!

    CATS! An Intro

    CATS! Pics of my cats, cat related stuff that intrigues/interests me, and whatnot. That is what the CATS! section means to me! For now, here are my current cats, Snickers and Bandit!

  • Music Mania

    Music Mania!

    It’s past time I get caught up on music! About a decade ago, I started to get back into music after a long long time not listening to music that seriously. I mainly listened to stuff I already knew. Eventually, being on message boards, social media, etc, I discovered something. I discovered a lot of music acts that I either…